• Narinder Dhadwal
    It was great working with you! You are such an inspirational woman!! 🤗
    Narinder Dhadwal
    Specialist Periodontist
    ITI World Symposium, Basel, Switzerland
  • Eduardo Bernardi
    The online Franchise Distributor Meeting was very cleverly planned. … Great, exciting, engaging, current and rewarding. … I don’t have to tell you that your presence there to weave the fabric of the content is nothing less than formidable, and your preparation and power of concentration is vastly irritating. If I could concentrate on the debate 10% as you did, I’d be happy with my achievement. Well done, Annette, you’re a success!
    Eduardo Bernardi
    Lohmann Breeders
    Franchise Distributor Meeting, Vechta
  • Johannes Pappert
    You enthused 2,000 international guests not only musically but also as the MC, thereby contributing considerably to the success of the occasion. In particular we would like to highlight your editorial contribution to the English texts. Many thanks indeed.
    Johannes Pappert
    MIXED-MEDIA 100 years of EOS, in the Philharmonic Concert Hall, Berlin
  • Jan Schmodde
    Thank you, Annette, for the good teamwork, for the perfect preparation, for the charming presentation, for the wonderful evening, for generating enthusiasm among the guests, for making the clients happy, for a great event!
    Jan Schmodde
    BRITA International Motivational Event, Taunstein
  •  Prof. Dr. Gerhard K-Lang
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely once again for your contribution to the Opening Ceremony of the World Congress of Ophthalmology 2010 in Berlin, which counts as one of the largest international congresses worldwide with over 13,000 guests. As our Master of ceremonies you led us all through the program skillfully, mastering the extremely difficult nomenclature perfectly.
    Prof. Dr. Gerhard K-Lang
    World Ophthalmology Congress, Berlin
  • Matthias Zeckert
    Your style proves itself successful. Even when the order of events of an occasion changes, or when improvisation is called for, you hardly blink an eye!
    Matthias Zeckert
  • Michael Zirpel
    Annette Yashpon came across as professional & convincing. Her uncomplicated & charming manner made her a pleasure to work with, both in the preparation as well as during the event itself.
    Michael Zirpel
    Transport Summit, Leipzig
  • Delphine Saucier
    It was super! Thank you so much & see you again soon.
    Delphine Saucier
    French National Holiday Event
  • Ronald Niehaus
    Sincere thanks once again for your outstanding contribution which – we are convinced – contributed considerably to the evening’s success.
    Ronald Niehaus
    KANIEDENTA, Dentalmedizinische Erzeugnisse GmbH & Co. KG
    25th jubilee celebration
  • Martina Skogvall
    We shall be more than happy to recommend you for similar events & hope to be able to work with you again soon.
    Martina Skogvall
    Female Entrepreneur & Business Founder’s Day (UGT), Potsdam
  • Charlotte Stilwell
    It was such a huge pleasure and privilege to be working alongside you last week. You are a true professional with both the experience and kind willingness to encourage and guide a professional group of TV amateurs. We are beyond thrilled with how it has all turned out and I for one am binge watching the recordings!
    Charlotte Stilwell
    ITI World Symposium ONLINE, Basel, Switzerland
  • Farhad Mozafar
    I have to say it again that your professionality and confidence in your job, made this event so easy for us despite all the stress and excitement we had for a live show (in front of a camera). And we also really enjoyed it 😊 Take care and hope to work with you again soon! 
    Farhad Mozafar
    Franchise Distributors Meeting, Vechta
  • Dr. Christian Jarry
    You are a professional artist and presenter and must have done this type of event a million times, of course the experience alone doesn’t count much if you don’t add a great amount of charisma and individual “glow” to it which in your case you have both!
    Dr. Christian Jarry
    ITI World Symposium Online, Basel, Switzerland


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  • Deutscher Turner Bund
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  • Dürkop
  • Empa
  • Escriba
  • ESMT
  • European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • Expert Imaging and Sound Association
  • Flick Gocke Schaumburg
  • Flyeralarm
  • Freie Universität Berlin
  • Grohe
  • Groupon
  • Hahn Film
  • Heineken
  • Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
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  • Industrieverband Feuerverzinken
  • Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
  • International Transport Forum
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Download this PDF summary of Annette's clients as a voice artist for easy reference.