Corporate Events

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  • Ismail Shahyr
    Ms. Yashpon was flexible with the last minute changes in the programme & was open to further changes even after the programme started which made it very easy for us to work with her. Furthermore, Ms. Yashpon’s cheerful personality & her willingness to adapt to the theme & expectations contributed greatly in making the overall event a success.
    Ismail Shahyr
    Maldivian Night
  • Ira Holl. Jolante Larsen

    It was your commitment… as an accomplished & capable MC… as well as with your terrific “surprise performance” at the piano… that made a major contribution to the success of our significant event.

    Ira Holl. Jolante Larsen
    “Help for Helpers” VIP Event, Berlin
  • Matthias Zeckert
    The public felt as though they were being addressed personally in addition to being delighted, not to mention genuinely surprised, that you were able to converse with them in their mother tongues, whether in English, French or German.
    Matthias Zeckert
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Renz, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Tauber
    With your magnificent presentation at the Opening Ceremony, you managed in the most perfect way to put the participants in an ideal frame of mind for the congress. You were successful in winning over the congress participants, highlighting the true essence of the congress & creating a positive & eager anticipation of what was to follow. We thank you so much for all of this.
    Prof. Dr. Harald Renz, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Tauber
    IFCC-EFCC-WorldLab-EuroMedLab, Berlin
  • Martina Skogvall
    Your versatile piano playing as well as your appearance & general conduct enthused all present.
    Martina Skogvall
    Female Entrepreneur & Business Founder’s Day (UGT), Potsdam
  • Ronald Niehaus
    Thanks to your remarkable M.C. work, which was competent, professional & with no use of cards to assist your memory, you managed to put our company in an excellent light, as well as giving our guests a most unforgettable evening. You are charismatic, charming & understood immediately what we were intending with this event. Your lively piano performance also came over very well indeed.
    Ronald Niehaus
    KANIEDENTA Dentalmedizinische Erzeugnisse GmbH & Co. KG
    25th jubilee celebration
  • Johannes Pappert
    We were only able to carry through this special MC/Pianist Show-Surprise concept thanks to the cooperation of Annette Yashpon. Many thanks.
    Johannes Pappert
    100 years of EOS, in the Philharmonic Concert Hall, Berlin
  • Rita Dantas
    Annette Yashpon is a very professional moderator who undertakes extensive preparation, without losing her spontaneity or her warm & fresh approach, which immediately grants her the appreciation of her audience.
    Rita Dantas
    International PR Conference, Istanbul
  • Eduardo Bernardi
    The online Franchise Distributor Meeting was very cleverly planned. … Great, exciting, engaging, current and rewarding. … I don’t have to tell you that your presence there to weave the fabric of the content is nothing less than formidable, and your preparation and power of concentration is vastly irritating. If I could concentrate on the debate 10% as you did, I’d be happy with my achievement. Well done, Annette, you’re a success!
    Eduardo Bernardi
    Lohmann Breeders
    Franchise Distributor Meeting, Vechta
  • Narinder Dhadwal
    It was great working with you! You are such an inspirational woman!! 🤗
    Narinder Dhadwal
    Specialist Periodontist
    ITI World Symposium, Basel, Switzerland
  • Charlotte Stilwell
    It was such a huge pleasure and privilege to be working alongside you last week. You are a true professional with both the experience and kind willingness to encourage and guide a professional group of TV amateurs. We are beyond thrilled with how it has all turned out and I for one am binge watching the recordings!
    Charlotte Stilwell
    ITI World Symposium ONLINE, Basel, Switzerland
  • Farhad Mozafar
    I have to say it again that your professionality and confidence in your job, made this event so easy for us despite all the stress and excitement we had for a live show (in front of a camera). And we also really enjoyed it 😊 Take care and hope to work with you again soon! 
    Farhad Mozafar
    Franchise Distributors Meeting, Vechta
  • Dr. Christian Jarry
    You are a professional artist and presenter and must have done this type of event a million times, of course the experience alone doesn’t count much if you don’t add a great amount of charisma and individual “glow” to it which in your case you have both!
    Dr. Christian Jarry
    ITI World Symposium Online, Basel, Switzerland

What’s the secret...

...of putting on an event so that your guests go home enthusing about it for weeks afterwards?

Annette Yashpon knows it’s about putting herself in her client’s shoes and, as the Master of Ceremonies (MC), pianist or singer, conveying their desired message with expertise and integrity. From the outset – at the concept development stage – her enthusiastic and flexible approach ensures an enjoyable and uncomplicated collaboration.

And at the business or company event itself - as international audiences repeatedly confirm - her graceful stage presence, heartfelt charisma and quick-witted humour combine to guarantee a successful event, earning you, as the organizer, praise from your enthralled guests.

MC / TV & Event Presenter

Covering locations such as New York, Copenhagen, Dubai and Berlin, Annette is booked worldwide for the most diverse of events – opulent galas in front of thousands, trade fairs, panel discussions, workshops, as well as exclusive events for selected groups of executives and CEOs.

Her skills range from presenting complex technical subjects to events devoted purely to entertainment. She also has TV experience both as a presenter and as an interviewer.

With a combined honours degree in French and German, Annette dazzles her audiences in her native English, as well as in German and French, where her subtle British accent lends a charming international flair.

Unique event concept

What is this?

Annette might start the daytime event in an elegant suit as the competent MC/event presenter

…only to transform into a glamorous and impressive pianist/singer in the evening, to the astonishment of the guests!

Or maybe the preference is as such that Annette starts as the pianist while the guests arrive…

…only then to get up and transform effortlessly into the MC/event presenter and accompany them through the occasion in any of her three languages!

The client decides! 

Annette as a pianist and singer

Annette at Corporate Events

Need to show someone?

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