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Yashpon Music®

The Singer / Songwriter

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  • “Your music is so beautiful. Each tone, each verse reaches my heart & deep into my soul. That’s quite some experience. Thank you.”

    Ralf Schmitt

  • “Annette Yashpon is a musical Multi-Talent: Singer, pianist, composer. “Never Again & Always” is her One-Woman-Show: each song a mini-musical, telling a story.”

    Verena Zistler

  • “Annette manages to come across in neither a tacky nor a showy way; her songs sound graceful but also energetic. She doesn’t grumble preferring instead to illustrate the hope in all her experiences, which is reflected not only in her lyrics, but also in her musical accompaniment. Annette’s lively voice supports her songs’ varying moods be it in a mellow or bold way, creating a complete harmonious sound.”

    Susanna Schwarz

  • “I listen to your songs every day in the car to help me start the day well. Your voice is so beautiful & the texts, just as the music, so intense. It’s like a ray of sunshine for the day!”

    Denis Bousser

  • “Media-Guru, Jo Groebel, announced Annette Yashpon’s new CD-Release presentation “Never Again & Always”. The English girl, happily residing in Berlin, sang her way through her newest creations at the piano with the addition of humourous worldly wisdoms & anecdotes from her own life.”

    Gregor Anthez

  • “Am very very impressed. What an artiste. I discover something new in each & every song, but what is really mind-blowing is your vocal strength. Thank you. I’m touched. I can’t turn it off. Have to keep listening. Am under your spell…”

    Danielle Neumann

  • “At the weekend I finally got round to listening to your wonderful CD with the better acoustics I have at home… I really can’t say which song I like best – it really is all fantastic!”

    Sönke Friedl

  • “Everyone sings about love & yet Annette Yashpon manages to tell her stories so passionately that you cannot help but being touched by them… stories of love, longing, excitement, heartache & betrayal…”

    Brigitte Menge

  • “ “Never Again & Always”… I love your voice. It touches my soul… romantic, sensitive, strong, so beautiful… you’re my “Flame Of The Night”…”

    David Newmann

  • “ “Ballads of Passion & Desire” – a truly powerful collection... I would love to take the “Leaves Of Change” with me.”

    Hendrik von Niethammer

  • “…the British pianist Annette Yashpon presented her new album “Never Again & Always”. The artiste sat at the grand piano singing both ironic & stirring love stories about the passion & pain between the sexes, creating much appreciation from her audience.”

    Ferdinand Panse

  • “I like your music. It‘s authentic. Unplugged. As if live, as I guess it is live! Plain. Just voice & hands. Nothing more. Convincing. I don’t need anything else. Anyone can add orchestra or computer. Only the professional can make it unplugged. Without a doubt. Pure & unadulterated...”

    Ralf Robinson

  • “Love is the central theme in her new album, “Never Again & Always”. Her own love story? To some extent…”

    Verena Zistler

  • “Thank you so much for the CD! I put it onto my USB stick in the car & have listened to it several times now – it really has worked out well. Congratulations!”

    Ury Popper

  • “Standing ovations. For the singer. The pianist. The lyricist. The composer. For so much emotion. For the strength to pull through a project like this. Standing ovations for the result, the order of the songs, for… so much.”

    Susie Gibson

  • “Your songs & your music are magnificent. The words come from the bottom of your heart. You are a true artiste! Your voice is so clear & so soft, wonderful for the heart & for the soul.”

    Jerôme Denise

“At the end of the day...
...aren’t we all looking for the same thing? Recognition and love… so how come it’s all so very complicated?!”

Annette draws inspiration for her musical compositions from the romantic ups and downs of everyday life – sometimes her own experiences, sometimes those of others. Her development as an artiste in her own right is not only about finding an individual expressive outlet but rather focuses on sharing her stories with others, letting them find and feel their own stories in her music, moving audiences emotionally and giving them pleasure.

Her love of music started for a different reason altogether, one she remembers clearly: “It was all due to sibling rivalry, as my brother, almost two years older than me, had already started learning piano. I was four at the time and so of course wanted to do everything he did, only better! With my little legs dangling down from the piano stool, as yet unable to reach the pedals, my journey into music began…”.

CDs + MP3s

One of the highlights in this journey was the release of Annette’s first CD – “Long Ago Seems Like Yesterday”, which she composed for solo piano, with influences from classical and film music.


A further CD – “Never Again & Always” – benefitted from the addition of vocals and lyrics and was a landmark in Annette’s musical career, presenting her not only as a pianist and composer, but also as a singer / songwriter. The album was released in June 2012 by Yashpon Music® in collaboration with cdbaby™ distribution and both her voice and compositions have been described by music critics as lively and mellow, yet powerful and expressive.

By relying solely on piano and voice, she is able to express her feelings in the purest way possible; her “unplugged” style proving to be unerringly intimate and honest. The colourful and stirring songs, each telling a mini-story, reflect the traditions of chansons, ballads and stage musicals. Whatever the composition, love, passion, desire, heartache and betrayal are present throughout Annette’s work.

The album, “Never Again & Always” album culminates in a bold reprise of the fourth song, “You Are The One”, in which renowned arranger, Nic Raine, expands on Annette’s style in an arrangement for full orchestra.

In time for Christmas 2012, Annette felt inspired to compose an uplifting Yuletide ballad with a thought-provoking theme. Entitled “Why Wait Until Christmas?”, the song has a catchy melody and is available in its original version for voice and piano in addition to a lively arrangement perfect for the time of year.


2013 brought the release of her single, the heart-warming pop-ballad, “With You”. The complete album with the same name became available December 14th 2015. The new collection, “With You”, is the sister album of the previous one, “Never Again & Always”. This time a variety of ballads express the lighter-hearted feelings of “Affection and Devotion” as opposed to the more pensive theme of “Passion and Desire” of the first one.

The already-released single of her favourite song on the album is included in the anthology, and additionally the “unplugged” original version! Another special feature is the cover version of the famous Oscar winning James Bond theme tune, “Nobody Does It Better” – a personal preference, which Annette endeavoured to give her own special touch.

2018 revealed four brand new pieces, included in a “With You SPECIAL EDITION” CD.

Live shows

When booked to perform her own music, Annette presents a complete stage show. Audiences comment on how she effortlessly combines the romantic vulnerability of her music with a vivacious and occasionally cheeky personality, which comes to the fore whenever she recounts an amusing story behind one of her songs. At once entertaining and touching, her show can be performed in German, French or in her mother tongue, English. The show’s length can easily be adapted to suit the requirements of the occasion and the wishes of the host.

CD Releases

Why Wait Until Christmas?

“Why Wait Until Christmas?”


Why Wait Until Christmas? -

Why Wait Until Christmas? -

Why Wait Until Christmas? -
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Why Wait Until Christmas? -
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Music Video

Annette Yashpon - Why Wait Until Christmas?


A new Special Edition of my “With You” CD with additional new songs is finished and will be released on the 1st of June 2018!

The Press: (Selection)

December 2015, 2016, 2017
RADIO ANTENNE BRANDENBURG plays Annette Yashpon's Christmas Classic in their Christmas program: 

RADIO ANTENNE BRANDENBURG plays Annette Yashpon's cover version of “Summer in the City” - The Lovin' Spoonful, John Sebastian, Mark Sebastian and Steve Boone (1966) - in the programme, “Lollipop”:

27.05.17 & 10.06.2017
Annette Yashpon reads, sings and plays piano: Pro arte Vivendi “Morgerstern Project Berlin” - reading and subsequent concert

RADIO ANTENNE BRANDENBURG plays music from Annette Yashpon's new album, “With You” in the programme, “Lollipop”:
recording of interview

“Troubadour” Singer/Songwriter Event in the WABE, Berlin.

Song 1 - “With You” see video

With You

Song 2 - “Sexy Saechsisch” see video

Sexy Saechsisch

Public piano and singing performance including my own compositions in the S.A.P. Arena in Mannheim, Germany, as part of the International Gymnastics Gala-Shows. see video

S.A.P. Arena in Mannheim

“JÜDISCHE ALLGEMEINE” NEWSPAPER writes about Annette Yashpon: article

RADIO ANTENNE BRANDENBURG plays the new Christmas single from Annette Yashpon in their Christmas program: 

Interview with RADIO PARADISO: 
recording of interview

Kara Johnstads eZine: “Success Story – The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” - with Annette Yashpon article

17.12.2012 writes about the Christmas single: “Why Wait Until Christmas?” - Annette Yashpon stellt Weihnachtssingle vor” article

Interview with RADIO ANTENNE BRANDENBURG in the program “Lollipop”:
recording of interview

© Antenne Brandenburg . Event: Frank Schroeder presents Annette Yashpon's CD

CD-RELEASE SHOW IN BERLIN - “Never Again & Always”
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