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Voice Artist

  • can imitate ages 8 to 80
  • from tv commercials to audio books
  • from serious to funny

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  • “Annette is our favourite when it comes to expressive, lively yet also serious voice recordings. She convinces us time and again with her adaptability in front of the microphone and her pleasant, friendly manner behind the scenes. Her spontaneous and professional commitments have often eased our work load and additionally assured enthusiastic customers, even with challenging projects.”

    Andreas Weis & Uwe Engel
    MIXWERK Audio Solutions Berlin

  • “Thanks for the great Work! You manage to impress us each time with your versatility as a voice artist and also the quick and precise way you carry out artistic direction. See you soon.”

    Christoph Kirst
    Hanover Messe Awardfilm

  • “Easy to work with, amicable, highly professional… you clearly pursue your vocation with a love for detail and subject matter, which is noticeable with every project. How could an assignment in this context ever go wrong?”

    Bernd Hagner

  • “I like the energy and vitality that Annette can put into her vocal delivery. She is highly professional and - just as important - able to adapt her voice in a natural manner. She is the voice for the trailer of my TV show, so her performance is essential for the first impression. A performance I would not wish to miss in any future programme.”

    Mathias Stamm
    Reportagen Aktuell

  • “Annette has mastery of her voice. So well, that she can exactly meet the mood of a piece as I imagine it for individual passages of text. Furthermore she is not stuck in one certain style and so was able to offer me various interpretations which I hadn’t yet envisaged myself.”

    Uli Henrik Streckenbach
    UHSLESS Animation & Design Studio

  • “Annette is a talented and professional voice artist. Her creativity with the script and her ability to improvise together with other artists is a great asset to our project “The Glorious Georges” for the Historic Royal Palaces in London. It was a great pleasure to work with her in the studio and I hope we have the opportunity again in the near future.”

    Tom Duncan
    Duncan McCauley GmbH & Co. KG

  • “We needed a voice artist with a non-regional English accent for our industrial e-learning recordings. Annette exceeded our expectations with her fresh and motivating manner and managed with her voice to further enhance the training courses.”

    Samuel Rackstraw
    Presentation Designer & Project Manager

  • “Annette Yashpon is a popular choice as a voice artist from our data-base. She always completes the Work to our clients’ highest satisfaction and we look forward to future enjoyable and beneficial work collaborations!”


  • “Annette Yashpon has delivered high-quality productions for miscellaneous voice-over projects for the Take A Nice Voice advertising company”

    Patrick Molitor
    Nativea „nice voices“

What is the difference between a Voice Artist...
...and someone who speaks?

Annette knows it’s all about timing, intonation, capturing and projecting the feel of the piece to be spoken, and being able quickly to adjust the interpretation and nuances in the voice as the producer / customer wishes.

A natural extension to Annette’s vocal skills on stage is her work as a voice artist for promotional and technical films, documentaries, advertisements, audio books and cartoons. Her natural voice has a gentle, middle vocal register, yet can sound dynamic, sensual or cool, classy, sincere or funny according to the character or style of the text.

She can imitate ages from 8 to 80 years. Her voice-over work also includes dubbing.

It is Annette's deep understanding of how to really modify the vocal chords, the rhythm of speech, the breathing and the body tension in all areas of speech, presentation and acting that allows her also to work successfully as a Speech Coach for individuals and as a Voice Director for film dubbing, in particular cartoon.

Key Information

Main work base:Berlin
Own recording studio:Yes
Session Link &
Languages:British English (mother-tongue), German, French
Audible vocal age:8 to 80
Register:A natural middle vocal register, round, soft, full; flexible in intonation and style.
Additional areas of competence:MC presenting, acting, improvising, singing
Areas of work:Documentary, TV, radio and internet commercials, promotional and technical films, audio books, audio plays, cartoons, e-learning, dubbing, news...

Voice-Artist Demos


The narrator voice for the Deutsche Welle TV “EUROMAX" report on the Youtube star, “Just Some Motion”
see video


The narrator voice for the Deutsche Welle TV documentary, “Kurt Landauer Kick-Off Special” (excerpt)
see video


The narrator voice for the Deutsche Welle TV “Tomorrow Today” report on the “New Malaria Vaccine” (excerpt)
see video


The British narrator voice for the online ADNYMICS advert, “Smart Parcel Inserts”.
Video ansehen


The narrator voice in the IASS Potsdam (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies) “Better Save Soil” animation documentary film as part of Global Soil Week
see video


The narrator voice for the GROUPON advert, “Make this Summer Sensational” for TV in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
Video ansehen


The narrator voice for the ADIDAS Case Film Adidas Reusable Cup by Heimat Active, recorded at Tonstudio Stimmgerecht.
Video ansehen


The role of “Bessy” in the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin science animation film, “BESSY II: What can I do for you? "Fast Forward Science 2015”
see video

The narrator voice for "The Star Wars Saga so far - in 3 minutes!" - Deutsche Welle Youtube TV
see video


The introductory presenter voice for Deutsche Welle’s monthly internet “LifeLinks” documentary

  • “#gettingsome: To sex or not to sex”
    see video
  • “#readytofight: Don't let them win”
    see video
  • “#climatechange: The end of the world as we know it”
    see video
  • “#AforEffort: Let me teach”
    see video
  • “#lovelinks: I’m not going to marry a non-Jewish woman”
    see video
  • “#NoEsc: Risking your life online”
    see video
  • “#endFGM: Break with tradition”
    see video
  • “#prideandprejudice: National spirit”
    see video